Have you encountered situations when you had to perform one simple action many times? For example, you need to copy lines from a document to web forms, fill out reports of the same type, send identical messages, search for contacts on websites. There is a way to get rid of routine work and free up time for more important things.

Hire a digital assistant now!

Reprise Assistant is based on RPA (robotic process automation), a business automation technology which refrains from automating tasks by writing computer programs based on available APIs (application programming interfaces) in favor of waching and analysing real user actions and repeating them when necessary. Automation by programming is very expensive, requires skilled labor and not possible when API is not exposed. Instead, RPA operates with mouse clicks and moves as well as keystrokes trying to see complex actions and objectives behind them.

Reprise Assistant brings these features with extremely user-friendly manner, so that robots created within few hours can save months of employees time. Robots are also less error prone which allows to eliminate human factor in everyday work.

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A great piece of software for initiating the inexperienced into the world of automation, but at the same time a very capable IDE in the hands of more advanced users or even programmers.
Reprise Assistant gives you the possibility of training your computer to do everything for you, including taking decisions.
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Where can I use it?
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What's inside?

✓ powerful autoclicker with decision making support
✓ modern integrated development environment for automation algorithms
✓ user actions recorder with AI
✓ quick mode for handy automations

How to use the program?
1. Record your actions
2. Edit algorithm
3. Launch

Why Reprise Assistant?
✓ modern robotic process automation solution for affordable price
✓ AI-powered user action recorder
✓ lightweight algorithm development environment
✓ set of blocks to automate many actions with your computer
✓ optical character recognition and computer vision capabilities
✓ quick mode allows to automate small tasks while working in regular environment
✓ multilanguage user interface
✓ beautiful design inspired by modern web technologies
✓ 24/7 support for users with active license
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