Reprise Assistant - a program for automation of user actions on computer.

Application area:
- automation of repetitive actions (filling out forms, sending emails);
- automated testing of software;
- performing repeated actions in games;
- distribution of letters and messages;
- simulation of user behavior.

Main features:
- recording of actions (mouse and keyboard) with the possibility of subsequent repeated reproduction;
- editing the algorithm of actions that does not require knowledge and skills in the field of programming;
- saving and loading of algorithms (only for subscribers);
- custom commands support (sequences of actions that are started by pressing the specified keys or in the program with one click).

Many computer users face situations when they have to perform the same action many times: fill out a form on the website, print a report, send an e-mail, etc. Each of these actions involves the active use of the keyboard and mouse: a set of characters, clicks, drag - and-drop. But what if the computer performs these actions for the user? This would save a large amount of time and free it for more useful things.

The demo version implements all the functions of the full version of the program, except for the ability to save documents. Purchasing a single license entitles you to all program updates and technical support for one year including advice on how to use the program. At the end of the licensing period, you can either renew your license or use old version without restrictions.

About author
Konstantin Semenov, engineer and software developer

Version history

Reprise Assistant 1.12
Released: 19.04.2021

New features
- event handler support in "add command" block;
- added image copying to clipboard support in editor;
- added python scripting support;
- added new block parameter type: array;

Fixes and improvements
- bugfixes and tweaks;

Reprise Assistant 1.11
Released: 29.12.2020

New features
- new blocks "set clipboard" and "get clipboard";
- polymorphic position parameter in "move" and "click" blocks;

Fixes and improvements
- fixed block group selection;
- fixed polygon drawing;
- changed image finder sensitivity;
- fixed ellipsis display in inline editor;
- fixed some keys simulation;
- bugfixes and tweaks;

Reprise Assistant 1.10
Released: 17.10.2020

New features
- added algorithm translation;

Fixes and improvements
- fixed function display in 'Add block' window;
- fixed UI display bug on display scaling;
- fixed crash on file dialog opening when documents folder was not available;
- fixed some issues of areas drawing on screen;
- fixed warning on dragging slider in settings;
- bugfixes and tweaks;

Reprise Assistant 1.09
Released: 14.05.2020

New features
- inline editor for block arguments;

Fixes and improvements
- image editor now displays pixel coorditates;
- language autodetection for OCR;
- fixed bug when program hung while loading;
- bugfixes and tweaks;

Reprise Assistant 1.08
Released: 18.02.2020

New features
- new data type: 'area';
- added block 'read' converting image to text (OCR technology);
- added block 'capture' for aquiring image from screen by coordinates;
- added block 'rect_area' for converting corner points to rect of 'area' type (use pipe rect_area -> capture -> read for typical screen-to-text tasks);

Fixes and improvements
- image capturer now supports background removal in smart capture mode;
- bugfixes and tweaks;

Reprise Assistant 1.07
Released: 04.01.2020

New features
- implemented online activation system;
- added key combination capture;
- added build version incrementer;

Fixes and improvements
- better interruption logic for commands and blocks;
- improved user interface design;
- bugfixes and tweaks;

Reprise Assistant 1.06
Released: 18.11.2019

New features
- added 'speak' block for text-to-speech conversion;
- added image viewer;
- added ability to display image in the Event log;
- added ability to save/load capture images;
- added notification to restart algorithm if it was changed while running;

Fixes and improvements
- text fields now support cut, copy and paste operations, multiline display, indentation consistency;
- application now remembers opened panels and keeps them open after restart;
- added algorithm launch button on the Command list panel and imroproved tips about how to use commands;
- improved 'Add block' panel design;
- bugfixes and tweaks;

Reprise Assistant 1.05
Released: 05.08.2019

New features
- added constant blocks with fixed shared data;
- added quick actions for block arguments;
- added recommended functions/procedures to block creator window;
- added ability to obtain changed screen regions for image capturer;
- added optional delay selector for image capturer;

Fixes and improvements
- quick start guide: added information about argument and block actions;
- block recorder can now make basic desktop image processing;
- added link to current block in editor;
- new design for block editor button and children block collapsing button;
- bugfixes and tweaks;